About Me > Short and Long Version (1-5-2013)

About Me > Short and Long Version (1-5-2013)

*Important Prefacing Notes*:

My Primary WordPress Website Since July 2009 Or So has been Nutrientscure Dot WordPress Dot Com.


The Above WordPress Website has over  two thousand and two hundred (2,200) WordPress Blogs on it.


As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet.

As I of April 10, 2012, I Am The Leader of A Four Person
Revolutionary WordPress Website Development
Collaborative Internet Team.

Perhaps All I Wish to Say About The Above Mentioned Development(s) at the Moment Is…

Thank God I am not Working Alone!!! with WordPress Any More!


My WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team’s Primary WordPress Websites as of January 15, 2013 will be Shared between Seven (7) Active WordPress Websites.

Of these Seven, Quite Arguably the Most Important Is:


As of January 15, 2013 My WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team Will Also Have Five (5) Active Secondary WordPress Websites.

Seven plus Five Equals Twelve! Duh! (I’m Not Good In Math sometimes!)

These Twelve Active WordPress Websites of My Heroic Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (Seven Primary and Five Secondary) Will All Be Named >>>Here<<< At a Later Date.

For Now I Call The Seven Primary Websites of My WordPress Website Development Team…

The Magnificent Seven!

After a Great Movie! I once saw with Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, and a Number of Great Actors in it.

And For Now I Call Our WordPress Team’s Twelve Aggregate WordPress Websites…

The Dirty Dozen!

After Another Great Movie! I Once Saw With Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, and a Number of Great Actors in it.

Lol… Who Says U Can’t Change the World And Not Have Fun!!! Doing It!!!

Puff Puff Pass to All My 420 Friends Everywhere…

Especially My Two Cherry Pies in San Francisco!!!


The Power of the Truth,
the Power of WordPress Words well spoken, and
the Power of my Heroic Revolutionary
WordPress Website Development Collaborative Team cannot be Stopped at this point.

Even If The Powers That Be Kill Some
Or All Of Us Soon,
Our Internet Martyrdom “Will Bury Them Back”.

Our Federal Government Will Fall To The Truth…
Shortly After an Internet Woodstock hosted by My
Collaborative WordPress Website Development Team And Other Persons And Corporations that Support
Internet Freedom and Freedom In General.
It is Only A Matter Of A Little More Time!

*The Train of True Freedom will Begin To Reach
*It’s Final Destination in 2013 due to
*the Power of the People!*,
*the Power of an Incredibly Useful Blogging Platform*
*Called WordPress!*,
*the Power of a Free and Open Internet!*, and
*the Power of the Truth.*

Thank God not me.

Allen Darman
And His Heroic Collaborative WordPress Website Development Internet Team


About Me (Short Version)

My Name is Allen D

Notable Quote: I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69…


I am a Truth Soldier for God.


About Me (Allen Darman or SmokeMasterAllenD) Long Version

My Name is Allen Darman. I am a sixty year old hippie that still likes his “420 chill time”… lol.

I am honest, funny, and full of love.

Highly intelligent (my parents genes), but humble before God too.

I am a Truth Warrior for both America and the World.

I am also an Alternative Medical Discoverer, Author, Blogger, Internet Truth Spreader, Freedom of Speech Activist, Bill of Rights Activist, Truth Soldier Activist, Mental Health Activist, Self Applied Alternative Medicine Activist, Respect Native Peoples Knowledge Activist, Respect Lesbian and Gay Rights Activist, Water Powered Car Activist, High Mileage Carburetor Activist, Free Electricity Activist, Burn No More Fossil Fuel Activist, Use No More Nuclear Energy Activist, Save Mother Earth Activist, Expose the New World Order Agenda Activist, Medical Marijuana Activist, Decriminalize Drugs Activist, Free Form Amino Acid Therapeutic Value Awareness Activist, Save Public Access to Nutritional Supplements Activist, Anti-GMO Foods Activist, Social Change Activist, Revolution Activist, Civil Disobedience Activist, Internet Educator, Internet Government Theorist, Internet Freedom Activist, Internet Woodstock Idea Man, Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Leader, and Hopefully (if I live long enough and get adequate help) Internet Woodstock Promoter *all rolled into one*.

None of the above jobs pays me a dime.

I do not mind.

My Jobs are heartfelt, interesting, and often a lot of fun!

I work at all of these jobs due to a Strong Sense of Moral Obligation to do so.

This Sense of Moral Obligation is NOT blunted by the fact that one (or more) of the above jobs may cost me either (1) my Freedom or (2) my Life.

In Regard to My Background Before Being Employed in Regard to the Above:

I voluntarily retired from managing Darman Manufacturing Company, Inc. in 1994 in order to pursue loftier goals.

Some of my initial goals were to find, define, and refine the proper natural chemical manner in which to cure depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and the like.

As I achieved one goal after another in the aforementioned regards, these (my) goals have changed over time.

Currently My Primary Goal Is To Change the World For the Better by Toppling Our Federal Government at an Internet Freedom Woodstock Hosted in San Francisco this coming July…

I intend on bringing down our Corrupt Corporate Controlled Federal Government with the Power of My Wisdom and My WordPress Words of Truth.

I fully intend to try to *Initiate* a Justifiable July 2013 Revolution both in America and Worldwide.

All of my Written, Photographic, and Video Work is given away *Freely over the Internet* by Myself and my Heroic WordPress Website Development Team.

I copyright *NONE* of what I film or write, as I have no commercial agenda whatsoever.

Before I close, Perhaps I should mention that for the past thirty six (36) months I have worked “under the gun” in an almost literal sense.

I state this due to the fact that since January 6, 2010 there have been at least 11 attempts to take my life. Many of these 11 attempts were *Multiple In Nature*… meaning “They tried to kill me many more times than that”.

It Is an Absolute Miracle that I Am Still Alive.


Marital Status: 420Single and Looking

Note: The Above May Be Amended Quite Soon Because I Asked My Two 420Submissive Lesbian Cherry Pies 2 Marry Me Either In Spirit Or On Paper.

Me2U2: In getting Down On My Knees 2 Ask u2 2 Marry me, Listen Up!!! And *Understand This Well*>>>This is the >>Last and Only Time u2 Will Ever See This Way!<>Because *After u2 Agree 2 Marry Me*<>Things Are Going to Be DIFFERENT! <>The Other Way Around<> U2 real submissive! ON YOUR KNEES! In Front of ME! <>ESPECIALLY WHEN I 420smoke u2 UP!!<>On a More Than Daily Basis!<>> I Am Gonna Get u2 Real Stoned!!!! <>Because <> I LIKE U2 THAT WAY 4 ME!!! <>While You Are Slaving Away at WordPress 4 Me!! <>Besides u2 R Both Funnier and Sexier 2 Me When u R Quite Well Toasted!!!<>That’s All!

If u2 Obedient Stoney WordPress Slaves say 2Me when I Get Down. On My Knees. And Say…

Me2U2: Will u2 Cherry Pies Marry Me?

And u2 Say: Yes! Oh!!! Yes! Master!!!

Oh!!! Yes!!! Master!!!

Me: Then I Am No Longer *420Single and Looking*… “I Am Almost Taken” as per the Below.

Me2U2: Perhaps We Will Fill In With A Fourth Serf Bear that is Also Female, Lesbian or Bisexual, Submissive, a Big Fan of 420, A Genius/Or Close, A Team Player That Fits In Big Time with All 3ofus (to Include Sexually in some meaningful way), and Is Professionally Qualified in a Skill we3 Could Really Use To Support My Being An Internet President.


Notable Quotes

Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes

Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov

Eighty Five Percent of “Me” is *My Extraordinary Parents Arthur and Marion Darman*. I am only Fifteen Percent of “Me”. AllenD

*Tweetable* Link: http://wp.me/p3dW6U-2P


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