About Samsung’s Innovative SmartPhones and Samsung’s Innovative Design History (2-27-2013)

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Allen recently went to the Samsung Corporate Website with the Intent Being to Grab a Few of Their Web Pages for a WordPress Blog that he Intended to Write in Regard to Samsung’s Innovative Smart Phone product line.

While Allen was visiting Samsung’s Corporate Website a PopUp came up that Asked Allen “Would he take a few minutes and fill out a Survey for Samsung?” Allen says “I normally blow of these Surveys as they waste my valuable Keyboard time. However, when this Samsung Survey Popped Up, I said to himself “What the heck! I owe Samsung a Favor for one of their $129. Smart Phones… the one I bought four months ago was a Real Honey! and at such an incredibly low price!”

In the Survey that Allen filled out, at one point he was asked “Why Reason Did You have to Come to our Corporate Website?” No other Choice Listed Applied here but *Other*.

Below is what Allen wrote in the Blank *Other* Box for a person to further specify *What his *Other* Answer Means:

[I came to] To Create a WordPress Webpage on http://JustifiableCivilDisobedience.WordPress.com whose Title is going to be About Samsung’s Innovative SmartPhones and Samsung’s Innovative Design History. I love your Smart Phones due to both personal experience and my belief in Internet Research that applauded your firm. Allen Darman

Stand Up! It Is Time For All Patriots And WordPress Power Bloggers To Come Together! Stand Up! And Take Our Country Back! in May (2-27-2013)

Stand Up!

***Important Note: This *Historic WordPress Blog* will *Remain Under Construction* *It is Not Scheduled To Be Completed* Until ***Sometime On March 4th, 2013.***


People, and not just any people, Americans are standing up! It is a glorious day. That’s it,
get pissed! Realize the realistic ramifications of a republic that renders you erroneous. A
republic that makes parameters over your profession without postulating the possible
potential for protests. Speak and have your voice heard! We will not be silent, sulking over
sustainment that shall statistically stay stationary, separating schools from their scholars
due to dollars and sense. Not by common sense, not by rational thinking, not by an analytical
mind overseeing the system from a point of inclusion and participation. Say not, for it is
the policy makers and breakers who control the system they demonize. It is not the care of
the children that concerns them, but rather the care of the systems to which they uphold,
only until they break them – for profit. We are not blind to your ways, we are simply
distracted and it will not last much longer. We are waking. Waking from the slumber of
consumerism, apathy, individualism, and fear. We no longer fear you, soon you shall fear
us more than you do. For we the people of this republic know the right course. We are aware
of your discourse and soon shall right it so.

We are coming for you. Concerned only with the conscious content of our
consciousness, citizens of this country contemplate consciously, constantly
cross checking congress, its congregates and candidates, quietly condemning
their actions; we will rise. We will Anonymously Occupy, Cooperatively
Co-opt to Dream of Truth, of Justice, of Healthy Human RIGHTS. We are
marching, making maneuvers to mobilize the masses unmasking the mockery you
made of our purple mountain majesty, of mankind, and of us. We Are Furious.
We will no longer sit idly by as you drain the hopes we hold for our future.
We are armed, absolutely angry at your attempts to alter our attention to an
area outside of anything constructive, progressive or meaningful; back to
the television, to the Internet, and to the cell phones that plague the
people of this planet. When your system fails, the vail of technology that
blinds us will no longer hold us back from our potential to pulverize the
percentage that has put us in our place, permanently no longer seems
permanent. The impossible seems possible.

Hatred, racism, pessimism, fear, intolerance, jealousy, rage, inequality,
subordination, prejudice, and authority will be removed. Not by radical
revisiting of human relationships, but by a common desire to dispense with
the dismal decrepit doctrine you have designed for our “democracy”. We are
no longer fooled, failing at the fundamental foundations of being human.
Fighting each other to get a furlong ahead of our friends, only to find the
fantasy was filled with falsity. We are feed up. The frustrations of your
people are growing in ways you cannot control nor contain. It is spouting
from the seeds of disparity and desperation. You have backed us into a
corner and we will not run; we will fight you. We will battle you in our
streets, in our country, on our planet and, WE WILL WIN!

Korey Rowe
CMMC, llc

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